Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cheeky girl

My cheeky little girl now wakes up for sahur with us sometimes. And she will want to eat whatever we're eating. She eats with us during buka puasa too, and will want to have whatever we're having. If she can't eat the main dishes, I will feed her with plain white rice from my plate.

Last night, we broke fast at a restaurant that had a buffet spread. We sat her on a baby highchair. I collected as many soft little cakes as I thought she could eat. I fed her the first 3 cakes with a spoon. Then when it was time to buka, my husband got the waitress to get a small styrofoam bowl, and I put the remaining small cakes in the bowl and placed it on the highchair tray for her to feed herself. We have never tried making her feed herself anything but buns and rusk biscuits, and I didn't know if she would be able to feed herself with the cakes. Well, what did she do? She squished the cakes with her fingers, lifted the bowl and turned it over! All the cakes spilled onto her shirt and onto the floor...

I was shocked that it happened so fast. My husband, who was also not amused, told me to ignore her and just continue eating. She just continued to play with the upturned bowl like a drum. She was hungry, I knew, so I fed her small spoons of mushroom soup instead. Which she liked very much. I also liked the soup. Hehe.

So, I don't think we can let her eat by herself without placing some sort of plastic sheet on the floor directly underneath her high chair. My husband wants to start teaching her to eat on her own. I know that they'll do that in school. They haven't started yet, which may be an indication that she's not ready to feed herself yet. I don't want to be cleaning up the floor each time she eats. But I have a feeling that will happen anyway, when she starts to eat by herself. *Sigh...


  1. once you let her eat by herself she wouldnt want to be fed anymore. babies want to be independent like that. they like to pretend they're one of the adults. we put old newspapers underneath the high chair. but still there are a lot of cleaning up. aaah the joy of being parents ;)

  2. Newspaper huh? we have a lot of that! haha... ya i will try this, tapi mcm byk keje je... haish.. i wish we had that cleaning-up robot, the one that vacuums or sweeps the floor... when she crawls, suma bende dia nak kutip!