Friday, December 31, 2010

A good year...

pic taken from leeseunggiworld (thanks!)

It's been a good year for LSG, he just won a string of awards for music, mc-ing and acting at the end of the 2010. On 30/12/2010 LSG won the Netizens Popularity Award and the Best Excellence Award at the 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards, so... Congratulations!! I think The SBS Best Excellence Award is worth mentioning because he's come a long way as an MC, also being nominated for the Daesang among his seniors (which we Airens thought was totally cool but undoubtedly he isn't ready to win it this year), and winning the Best Excellence award instead proves that he may really deserve to win the Daesang next year or in the year after.

pic taken from leeseunggiworld (thanks!)

Now even though I'm glad that LSG and SMA (Shin Min Ah, his co-star in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) won awards last night at the 2010 SBS Drama Awards (LSG - Best Actor for Drama Special, Top 10 Star Award, and Best Couple Award; SMA - Best Actress for Drama Special, Top 10 Star Award, Best Couple Award), and thankful that SBS acknowledged their hard work for MGIAG, I can't help but feel that the awards show was a bit of a farce with everyone from the top dramas winning something. I think only the Daesang and the Netizens awards truly count for something, but sadly, MGIAG did not win the Netizens Popularity Award (which went to Secret Garden instead... which they probably deserved, I don't know since I only watched 2 episodes).

pic taken from leeseunggiworld (thanks!)
It was cute to see the hoi-hoi couple sing "From Now On I Love You" together (although a little painful to see how shaky and nervous SMA was). I liked the way Seung Gi gave her looks of encouragement and guided her along. However I really wished they'd pre-record SMA's part for the duet, for her sake, because her voice was so soft. I felt really anxious seeing her anxious, you know, what I mean? But still, it was a great effort, and winning one of the Best Couple Awards right after made up for all her nervous singing.

2010 has officially ended, and I'm looking forward to seeing what projects LSG will undertake in 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I don't normally do this, and I am a little embarrassed to admit that I am a 2PM fan, but I thought their performance at last night's "SBS Gayo Daejun" (29/12/10) was explosive! I love how the song starts with them changing in their car and then they come on stage to perform a rocked-up version of "I'll be back".

2PM will be performing on tonight's (30/12/10) "2010 KBS Song Festival" at 9pm on KBSW on astro.

Good Morning

After resuming posting recently, several people contacted me to congratulate me on being pregnant again and asked me when my due date is. Surprisingly, I don't exactly know when my due date is. Because I got the dates of my last period wrong. I'd given my Obgyn one date, and my due date was estimated at May 11. Then suddenly during my check-up at 15-16 weeks, my doc measures the baby and discovers I am actually at 17 weeks! So that means my due date is earlier. Okay, I'm fine with that. But my doctor never gave me a new EDD. So I don't know when it is, and I just tell people I'm due in early May.

Some people may already know this, and some people may not... that I dream the future sometimes. I have dreamed the future of others, and they have come true. Long before I conceived this second baby, I had already dreamt that I would have 2 girls. And 2 girls it is. I also already know her name, but I won't reveal it here.

Am I excited? Yeah, a little. But anxious, yes. I have a very active toddler now, and it worries me that I will have 2 of these next time. Two little girls that will one day refuse to go to bed on time... two little girls who will request different things to eat for lunch and not want to eat the meal I have prepared... two little girls who will kick and shout when we say it's time to leave the playground... two little girls who will insist on watching Elmo dvds instead of whatever else the parents wanna watch on tv.... Haish...

But I do look forward to having two little girls who are extremely bright... two little girls who can sing in harmony (and they should be able to duet to LSG hehe)... two little girls who will one day help out with the chores... two little girls with perfect comedic timing. :D  haha

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Beginning

Some people may want to know, who or what is Bleach? Bleach is an anime.

And Red Pineapple is Abarai Renji -
To make a long story short, I used to watch Bleach everyday during my confinement months after delivering baby Salma. I was stuck in this one room with my new baby, since new moms aren't allowed to walk much during confinement, and I passed my time by watching all the episodes of Bleach. As a newborn, Salma watched it with me, or so I like to think.

When I was pregnant the first time, during my first trimester, KBSW just started showing on astro. That was a little more than 2 years ago. I had terrible morning sickness that lasted the whole day and couldn't go out much on weekends. On Sunday, I spent my day watching this Korean melodrama, Beautiful Days. But it got too depressing that I stopped when my morning sickness stopped. Haha! This was also the time I first started watching 1 Night 2 Days (1N2D). I think I noticed Kim C more than anyone else in the cast during my first pregnancy. After my morning sickness disappeared, I stopped watching 1N2D regularly, and just tuned in whenever I remembered.

This second pregnancy was no different. I suffered terrible morning sickness that prevented me from working (so I became a housewife). I couldn't eat anything at all and threw up 4 times a day on average. I was miserable and depressed. Earlier on, I had gotten Astro B.yond (HD) for the 2010 World Cup, and because of that we were able to get SBS One, which is a HD channel. I had just watched the 1N2D episode where the guys went to Mt. Jiri, and noticed Seunggi for the first time when he bumped into Wap's grandmother while walking on his course on the Dulle Pass. We tuned into SBS some time later and they had just started showing the first episodes of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and I recognised Seunggi acting as the lead role in the drama, so I started watching that, too.

So similar to my first pregnancy, a Korean drama helped eased my morning sickness depression. Thankfully MGIAG is not one of those depressing melodramas, so I got really hooked and watched til the very end. That's how I became a Lee Seung Gi (LSG) fan and 1N2D fan. 1N2D is hilarious. I can safely say that those guys (their comedy, heart and sincerity) saw me through the worst parts of my 2nd pregnancy. The show just cheered me up. You laugh and get to see beautiful parts of Korea. (1N2D is a variety travel show).

(I'm not going to post pictures of LSG or the guys from 1N2D. If you are curious, you can just google, and you'll get a ton of info on them. Especially now right after bagging 4 awards after the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards).

LSG is first and foremost a singer, and Salma loves his songs. She will sing along when I play the cd in the car. She recognizes his face when he comes on tv. It's adorable. No, this blog will not become a LSG appreciation blog, but from time to time, I will probably make references to LSG so this introduction will help explain things a bit.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Time for a revamp

I haven't updated this blog for several months, and I feel that it's time for a revamp. Although I will probably still remain as the red pineapple (or not..), and although I am still a Bleach fan, a whole new tour de force has taken over my life. So I'm wondering whether to incorporate it into my blog or not.

I took a break from writing anything because I got pregnant again, and was so sick from morning sickness that I really couldn't stand being in front of the PC for very long. Actually I still can't. It makes me dizzy. So now I'm wondering what to do with this blog. Salma is already 2 years old and has become so incredibly crafty and mischievous. Aiyo. Next will come baby no. 2...

Will keep you all posted. If anyone even still reads this blog...

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