Friday, December 31, 2010

A good year...

pic taken from leeseunggiworld (thanks!)

It's been a good year for LSG, he just won a string of awards for music, mc-ing and acting at the end of the 2010. On 30/12/2010 LSG won the Netizens Popularity Award and the Best Excellence Award at the 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards, so... Congratulations!! I think The SBS Best Excellence Award is worth mentioning because he's come a long way as an MC, also being nominated for the Daesang among his seniors (which we Airens thought was totally cool but undoubtedly he isn't ready to win it this year), and winning the Best Excellence award instead proves that he may really deserve to win the Daesang next year or in the year after.

pic taken from leeseunggiworld (thanks!)

Now even though I'm glad that LSG and SMA (Shin Min Ah, his co-star in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) won awards last night at the 2010 SBS Drama Awards (LSG - Best Actor for Drama Special, Top 10 Star Award, and Best Couple Award; SMA - Best Actress for Drama Special, Top 10 Star Award, Best Couple Award), and thankful that SBS acknowledged their hard work for MGIAG, I can't help but feel that the awards show was a bit of a farce with everyone from the top dramas winning something. I think only the Daesang and the Netizens awards truly count for something, but sadly, MGIAG did not win the Netizens Popularity Award (which went to Secret Garden instead... which they probably deserved, I don't know since I only watched 2 episodes).

pic taken from leeseunggiworld (thanks!)
It was cute to see the hoi-hoi couple sing "From Now On I Love You" together (although a little painful to see how shaky and nervous SMA was). I liked the way Seung Gi gave her looks of encouragement and guided her along. However I really wished they'd pre-record SMA's part for the duet, for her sake, because her voice was so soft. I felt really anxious seeing her anxious, you know, what I mean? But still, it was a great effort, and winning one of the Best Couple Awards right after made up for all her nervous singing.

2010 has officially ended, and I'm looking forward to seeing what projects LSG will undertake in 2011!

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