Saturday, December 25, 2010

Time for a revamp

I haven't updated this blog for several months, and I feel that it's time for a revamp. Although I will probably still remain as the red pineapple (or not..), and although I am still a Bleach fan, a whole new tour de force has taken over my life. So I'm wondering whether to incorporate it into my blog or not.

I took a break from writing anything because I got pregnant again, and was so sick from morning sickness that I really couldn't stand being in front of the PC for very long. Actually I still can't. It makes me dizzy. So now I'm wondering what to do with this blog. Salma is already 2 years old and has become so incredibly crafty and mischievous. Aiyo. Next will come baby no. 2...

Will keep you all posted. If anyone even still reads this blog...

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