Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ramadan Buffet

As far as Ramadan Buffets are concerned, I learned one thing last night: when you have a small kid, it's preferred not to have your table outdoors. But if you really have to sit outdoors, make sure the place has sufficient fans or cooling systems.

We went to maybe one of the worst buffet places yesterday. The food wasn't bad, on the contrary, the food was quite good. It was just the way the restaurant handled it that was pretty bad. The arrangement too, maybe could use improvement. It took place at this restaurant at Ara Damansara, which shall remain nameless. And since there aren't that many ramadan buffets in that area, you could probably guess which restaurant I'm talking about.

I booked a place for us outside because that was closest to the buffet line. But boy oh boy was it hot! When they started grilling the satay and the fish, it became hotter. The smoke gave me a headache. Salma became uncomfortable fast. She wanted to walk around. I had to let her because it was so stuffy at our table. But people were walking everywhere, to and fro from the buffet table, she kept getting in the way. Dangerous. And there were these antique teak chairs that she wanted to sit on, but had people already sitting there... and I was trying to tell her she can't sit there because it's someone else's table, but of course she didn't get it. It was a messy headache trying to eat and control her at the same time!

The patrons were like piranhas, and the food finished quickly. The worse part was the restaurant didn't even replenish some of the dishes! We didn't even get a chance to sample the sambal udang which looked yummy. I knew I should have taken my plate early.

This is a lesson for all of us: when going for buffets 1) make sure the place is air-conditioned, 2) even though you may look stupid and greedy, take your food early (before the azan sounds) and 3) make sure the place has plenty of food.

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