Sunday, August 8, 2010

When you are sick too

As a mom, taking care of a sick child when you are sick yourself is pretty much the hardest thing to do. Especially when your husband, your only helper is sick, too. That's what's going on in my household right now. My husband has both laryngitis and tonsilitis, I have laryngitis, and my lil girl probably has laryngitis, too. Our sinuses are swollen, our eyes watery, our noses blocked, our throats sore and itchy, and to top it off, we have a fever that comes and goes.

The hardest thing for me at this moment is staying awake during the day when my meds are trying to knock me out. I am so drowsy, I can't "layan" her well at all. And since she's sick, she gets super whiny, which gets on my nerves, since my body wants to get some sleep. The problem is, she can't describe what her pain is like, so I have no idea if it's chest pain, sore throat or headache. The worst part is, she just refuses to swallow her medicine, so every time it's like a battle. I have to aim the syringe right in the middle of her throat for the thing to actually go down, or else she'll spit it back out, arms flaying, kicking and screaming. If you were passing by outside our house and heard it, you'd think we were child abusing... shoving stuff down her throat. Well, it's not exactly like that of course, nothing gets pushed down her throat, it's just a matter of aiming the liquid medication from above, and making sure we push just enough out for one gulp. Teeny small doses at a time. So if the prescription is 5 ml, I'll be sitting there squirting 1 ml at a time.

It was a relief when she finally puked out all her phlegm. If phlegm gets into the lungs, it'll have to be sucked out. But thank god she puked it all out. Now she's fast asleep. Time for mommy and daddy to get some rest!

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