Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Two things that make this mommy happy are: 1) a good tailor (that always makes me look slim in a baju kurung) and 2) a good haircut. I have the best tailor in the world, who shall remain nameless because she specifically asked me not to recommend her to any more customers. And secondly, I have now found another good hairdresser. I have 3 hairdressers that are excellent: Azroy from Gdo Subang Parade (although I don't know if he's still there), Jeremy, formerly of Bianco in Puchong Jaya (he is no longer there, dunno where he is now), and lastly, the latest genius- Mimi Ho of Kimarie at IOI Boulevard.

Mimi is also a working mom with a daughter slightly older than Salma. Yes, I am trying to boost their clientele, because the salon is fairly new, and when I went there, there was just me and this other guy. A professional hair cut will cost you RM54 for long hair. And I love it how she recommends me what type of shampoo to use for my hair without asking me to buy the salon's brand (Kerastase). Sometimes I hate going to the salon just because I know they will pressure me to try or buy their salon products. But Mimi doesn't do that.

I love a hairdresser that understands your needs. I explained to her that I needed to cut my hair shorter but still be able to tie it up because I wear a hijab. And the result is a cut that makes me look younger. Yippee! Usually Jeremy (my previous stylist) used to give me these vavavavoom layered looks which I am supposed to wear with huge dangly earrings, but I'm too tired for that. I hate having to blowdry my own hair. So this minimally-layered shoulder length bob that I have now is good.

A good tailor, a good haircut and a good pair of heels. Those are the 3 things that a woman needs to make her look good. Alas, I have not yet found my great pair of heels yet. Not ones that I can walk in at least.

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