Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sewing baju kurung

Raya is coming up, and I am in the midst of sewing for Salma her very first baju kurung! I have already completed the kain or skirt, and already completed the sleeves. Now just the baju or top. I am worried about the neck area, because it seems so complicated, and I don't want to mess that up! So far, everything else looks good, to my amazement. The last time I ever sewed anything was in Form 3, when I made a pair of shorts and a shirt. That's it. It was a pajama set that I had to make for Home Economics (Kemahiran Hidup).

I even sewed the hem straight, which is a bonus for me, because I remember struggling with the hem in school.

When I have completed the entire outfit, I'll take a photo and post it here. Maybe with the model wearing it, maybe not. Hehe.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First trip to the zoo

Last Sunday, my husband and I brought Salma to the Zoo! It was her first time seeing real wild animals, which she has only so far seen in her picture books. And for the first time, she behaved while sitting in her stroller and did not asked to be carried! A whole day of firsts...

The first animal that greeted us were the giraffes at the front of the zoo. She has never seen a picture of a giraffe before and at first I don't think she realised it was an animal until she saw the elephant, situated next to the giraffe. Then she began to understand that these were very big animals, and she began to wave her arms and speak to them. As always, I felt bad for the aged elephant, who now seemed to be dancing, lifting one foot then another, in a senile way... sort of depressing.

She reacted the most towards the cranes in the birdpark section of the zoo. It was all enclosed and they were flying over her. She called them "Rabbit"... hehehe. We fed the deer, and she was excited over that, too. But after an hour or so, and seeing so many new animals, she became overwhelmed and tired maybe, and quieted down. She didn't even recognize that the sleeping bears were actually bears. But it's alright. It's a whole lotta zoo for one 9 month old to take in. And we're pretty proud of her :)

Next, we want to take her to the Singapore Zoo... when she's a little older. :D

Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby's firsts

My baby girl’s first tooth has appeared! I am so relieved! I wonder if the calcium supplements I started taking had anything to do with it.

Speaking of firsts, today was the first day she sat in her “big girl’s car seat” (forward facing), and at first she was afraid and cried, but when she realized that it was a seat that allowed her to face forward, she became so happy. She smiled and laughed and chatted with me while pointing at things at the window all the way to school. :)

Her first school’s picture day was yesterday. I packed a romper-dress for her to wear, with pink shoes and hairband. All the other kids except her cheh-cheh were dressed up, too. I hope the photos turn out well since it’s so hard to make babies pose and sit still...