Thursday, August 12, 2010


"Krong-krong" is the made-up word we use at home to mean "snoring". Salma was cuddling with me before bed, and I teased my husband and imitated the sound he makes when he snores to Salma.

"This is the way daddy krong-krong. Horrh horrh horhh (nasally-throaty snoring sound)," I said and she giggled. 

"This is the way Salma krong-krong, hmmmt hmmmt hmmmt (air blowing through nose sound)," I said and she scrunched up her nose and slapped her face.

"What sound does mummy make when I krong-krong?" I asked her.

In a small soft voice she said, literally, "Krong krong krong".

Haha!  This is a lesson not to use sounds to make words, cos they'll just lose their meaning.

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