Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Morning

After resuming posting recently, several people contacted me to congratulate me on being pregnant again and asked me when my due date is. Surprisingly, I don't exactly know when my due date is. Because I got the dates of my last period wrong. I'd given my Obgyn one date, and my due date was estimated at May 11. Then suddenly during my check-up at 15-16 weeks, my doc measures the baby and discovers I am actually at 17 weeks! So that means my due date is earlier. Okay, I'm fine with that. But my doctor never gave me a new EDD. So I don't know when it is, and I just tell people I'm due in early May.

Some people may already know this, and some people may not... that I dream the future sometimes. I have dreamed the future of others, and they have come true. Long before I conceived this second baby, I had already dreamt that I would have 2 girls. And 2 girls it is. I also already know her name, but I won't reveal it here.

Am I excited? Yeah, a little. But anxious, yes. I have a very active toddler now, and it worries me that I will have 2 of these next time. Two little girls that will one day refuse to go to bed on time... two little girls who will request different things to eat for lunch and not want to eat the meal I have prepared... two little girls who will kick and shout when we say it's time to leave the playground... two little girls who will insist on watching Elmo dvds instead of whatever else the parents wanna watch on tv.... Haish...

But I do look forward to having two little girls who are extremely bright... two little girls who can sing in harmony (and they should be able to duet to LSG hehe)... two little girls who will one day help out with the chores... two little girls with perfect comedic timing. :D  haha

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