Friday, April 1, 2011

Stretchmarks... again

I really envy those moms that don't get stretchmarks when pregnant. I guess I made a mistake the first time round by not applying any cocoa butter at all on my tummy before it started stretching, so I was left with like a gazillion stretchmarks. However, having said that, I was surprised to find that there are other moms with worse stretchmarks than me! Not that I was peeking or you know, asking other pregnant moms to lift their shirt, but I was in the emergency labour ward during my 28th week, and I was lying on a gurney alongside 5 other moms. There was no barrier between any of us, and whenever the doctor came to examine someone for contractions or whatever, I'd get to see the other's tummy. Everyone commented on how beautiful this one lady's tummy was because there were zero stretchmarks. She was too far away for me to really focus on, but it did look like a very nice tummy. Very smooth. The lady next to me was the one I was talking about, the one with more stretchmarks than me. I was surprised, because I really did think mine was bad. Like worse than bad, even. My stretchmarks are reddish-pink against my skin, but the lady next to me had very dark stretchmarks. Whereas mine are short lines, hers were long. Wow... I was relieved somewhat, but not really. I wonder what makes stretchmarks become different colors like that. And I wondered whether mine would become dark someday, too. Which is a scary thought.

I do want to get laser treatment to zapp my stretchmarks away. I think they have this technology out there. Stretchmarks are unsightly. I really wonder how other women can have zero stretchmarks, and some others have a lot. Is it in the food we eat that makes skin more pliable? What is it? Collagen? What do we need to remain stretchmark free when pregnant? 

As I was lying on the gurney at that emergency labour room, the nurse that was examining me said that it's nice I had no stretchmarks. I was like, "Are you crazy?? I have tons! Take a look again..."

So she did, and she exclaimed that they are not that visible unless you look closely. Really? I was so skeptical. But then she said that hers are worse than mine, and mine are considered mild. Mild, eh? That's so surprising to hear. She said to believe her since she's seen so many pregnant tummies. But I still think mine are bad.

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