Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Designer Diaper Bags Part 3

Wokeh folks! I am so excited about this update! In my never-ending quest to find gorgeous diaper bags that mom can tote around and not look silly... I found this online store: Baby Kingdom. Go to their "nappy bags" section under "for mum".

It seems they are the biggest retailer of baby stuff in Sydney? Who knew! They carry designer diaper bag brands Babymel, Bugaboo, Dashbaby, Melobaby, Oi Oi, Storksak and more. The only slack thing about their online store is that they don't provide photos of how the bag looks like inside, which is super important for online shopping moms. And also another downside is that at the moment, the store doesn't ship to countries outside of Australia. (But if you are a desperate mom who really wants to order one of the bags from this store, just email me here or leave a comment, and I can see to finding a way to get the bag delivered to you.)

The prices range from affordable to the very expensive. Some of my top choices of designer diaper bags from the store:
Babymel - Amanda black & white floral

Storksak - Elizabeth in tan (leather)

Melobaby - melotote creme

OiOi - ebony dot hobo

OiOi - signature weave classic hobo

OiOi - Two pocket hobo black with white

Window shopping for diaper bags just got better! Don't you agree?

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