Monday, May 14, 2012

One year's old!

Okay, my lil' wobbage is now one years old! She's my big baby girl. She's still a baby, but she's also a big girl now (well, not really... but one year older makes her not so much a baby anymore). And I'm so glad that she's still cute and chubby, and not lost all her baby fat yet. Happy about having such a good baby.

There are so many things to be thankful for, not least our health. Lately there have been cases of Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease spreading rampantly in the Klang Valley, and a number of schools in Subang have closed for some duration due to the virus. Both Sophie's and Salma's schools had reported cases, but thankfully, none of my girls got infected. I'm so relieved about this. Sophie contracted measles last month, and the spots were all over her body, and not concentrated solely at her hands and feet, so her paediatrician was adamant that it wasn't HFMD. Then about 2 weeks later, she had red spots again, which only lasted 2 days, and weren't very prominent, and no ulcers in the mouth. I wondered at the time, if it really was going to be HFMD, but on the second day, and after being given Piriton, the spots disappeared. So, I was, again, thanking God that it wasn't severe.

However, just 2 nights ago, I was told that one of Sophie's baby friends at school (I almost referred to him as her "baby colleague" muahahaha) has contracted HFMD for the second time. I was totally shocked because the school had kept this info from me. I was informed via another parent, and not the school. But I feel that the school should be responsible and be transparent about stuff like this. I wonder who the boy got it from, because the school had already been closed for one week, which meant whoever had the virus before should have been fully recovered. This baby boy who has HFMD now was even present at Sophie's birthday celebration last week, so I was really worried. HFMD is a scary disease for a baby to have, especially with the mouth ulcers. They'll find it uncomfortable to feed, and they can't tell us how they feel.

But I'm proud of my lil' wobbage because she's so strong! So far, she's able to recover from illnesses quite fast. And while the rest of us were having Influenza A, she didn't get it. Or she got it, but was not affected by it too much. I also have to give myself a pat on the back for breastfeeding her all this time. I think I'm doing a better job breastfeeding Sophie than I did with Salma. Although with Salma, I managed to last 2 years. But I think with Sophie, I am producing more milk than before.

I'm just happy all around, with both my girls. Salma's immune system is also improving. Giving her multi-vitamins everyday. But she still doesn't like eating vegetables. Let's hope our good health continues for the rest of the year, and for many years to come! And I hope my girls stay cute and pretty always.

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