Sunday, June 14, 2009

Drinking Problem

How do I get Salma to drink more water? She can drink from a straw now and I bought a cup that comes with a straw and a cover (by Pigeon), and she will drink, but after a few sips, she's done and loses interest easily. I'm starting to worry that she's getting dehydrated because her urine has this unusually strong smell. When we were kids, our parents use to give us water with glucose, but I'm told that it's not necessary to do that, because we may unnaturally increase baby's glucose levels and she can become diabetic. I don't even know if this part is true. But will adding a little glucose powder to water make it more attractive for my baby to drink? I really don't want her to prefer sweet things over other flavors.

She has also taken this separation anxiety to another level. When previously she used to wake up once or twice a night, she now wakes up about 4 to 5 times. And sometimes I think she wakes up just to make me reposition her to the other side of the bed (she sleeps with me). I have tried ignoring her to see if she falls back asleep on her own, but she will kick me, pat my face or pull my hair to get me to wake up. It is starting to drain my energy! When I get to work the next day, I will 98% of the time, walk in with a headache due to lack of sleep. Then I'll need a really good pick me up, and I have started craving for sugary foods. Coffee does nothing for me.

She's a happy baby most of the time... most of the time when I am beside her! haha. I really want her to spend more time with her dad & grandparents without me being round. But she'll start demanding for me to be there the second I leave sometimes. I don't know how long this separation anxiety will last. And I hate it how my husband says I "trained her" to be like this. This is not what I wanted. All the experts say that it's best to comfort your baby when she cries, and that's what I've been doing. Leaving them to cry on their own will cause them to have low self-confidence issues later in childhood. And on that note, I think in terms of confidence, she has lots of it, and does pretty well in school... interaction with others, playing, talking, etc.

I've seen those babies that are really shy and quiet and don't want to play with other kids and I'm glad Salma isn't like that.

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  1. what i usually do is put a little bit of sirap in the water. the water will have a only a tinge of the color n taste but will definitely attracts my two children to drink it! it's not sweet at all. still 99% pure water ;)