Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When I smell like milk

Sometimes in a disturbing way, I notice that I smell like milk. It used to be worse when Salma was a newborn, but nowadays if I don't pump, I will notice that towards the afternoon, I will end up smelling like milk. The scent is very subtle to me, but I wonder if others find it strong and are bothered by it! Or is it only me and baby that can smell the milk? It is weirdly disturbing, and I cannot help feel self-conscious about it, especially in the office.

Sometimes the smell doesn't go away even after I pump, which makes me even more uncomfortable. I wonder if it has any effect on others at all? And it is quite strange in a funny way, the way my baby girl gets excited to nurse after a whole day of not seeing me. She will even start to laugh. Then she will fall right asleep after nursing for half an hour or so.

I hope it is the same today, because I am on sick leave, and I have not pumped the whole day. So I hope she goes right to bed when I nurse her later this evening after picking her up. Then I can rest somemore. I don't sleep well when I'm sick. Do you?

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