Monday, November 23, 2009

Salma's first airplane ride

Last Saturday morning was Salma's first airplane ride. We went to KT to attend my best friend's wedding. But on the plane ride to KT, Salma was fast asleep, so she missed everything going there, but coming back, she was wide awake!

We sat at the window seat, with Salma on my lap. I let her look out of the window. Before take-off, I kept saying to her, "Okay, get ready... get ready..." and while the plane took off, she didn't complain one single bit. She just looked out the window and exclaimed, "Wowwww!" Then, to my husband's amusement, (and to my detriment), she proceeded to ask me for breastmilk. You see, Salma's favorite pastime is to drink milk (breastmilk) in the car. So since the plane is like a car that flies, she wanted to do what she likes best. She was very persistent in asking, so in the end I gave in, with some difficulty, because those economy class seats are not the roomiest of places. Plus, she didn't like the thermal airline blanket that I used to cover up my shirt, but in the end we managed.

A tip to parents who are flying with babies for the first time: you need to check in extra early and ask for the seats right at the front. We tried to do this on the first flight, but we didn't come early enough and ended up with seats somewhere in the middle. We were luckier on our return flight, and managed to get seats second row to the front. It's also good to bring toys or books to distract them, which we did but didn't need to use (since she spent a lot of the time just nursing). To combat the earache that we all get during airplane journeys, it's good to give your baby a drink to suck on with a straw. This will "pop" their ears and bring it back to normal. Salma was nursing most of the time so the earache didn't seem to bother her that much.

We were also lucky that our flight lasted for 45 minutes only. On longer journeys she may complain though...

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