Monday, November 2, 2009


Salma and I are at home with conjunctivitis (eye infection). Salma caught it on Friday, most likely from someone at school. And since she spends 90% of her time at home with me, I am bound to catch the infection from her... which I did. This is the first time I am having conjunctivitis. It is a really irritable eye infection, very itchy. Your eyes secrete this sticky white discharge, especially when you sleep, and when you wake up, you find that your eyelids are stuck together because of it, and you can't open your eyes!
Conjunctivitis is highly contagious. If you get the discharge onto someone else, and they rub their eyes, they'll get it. It is actually making me feel a little sickly, this being the first real day of me having it. Salma's had it for 3 days, and it looks like it's wearing off.
The itchiness is making me very irritable. And surprisingly sleepy. I've not taken any meds for it except for eye drops.

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