Friday, October 30, 2009

Weaning baby

Without realising it, I have actually started to wean my baby from breastfeeding. I was reading an article from babycenter this morning, and it was giving tips on how to start weaning, and I found that I already do 2 out 3 of the steps below:
  1. Skip a feeding
  2. Shorten nursing time
  3. Postpone and distract
I've already started skipping feedings by giving her solid foods at meal times, and I've already started shortening her nursing time, even when it's time for bed. Instead of waiting for her to stop suckling on her own, I will stick my finger in her mouth to stop her nursing. I didn't realise that by doing these things I've actually started weaning my child! She doesn't seem to realise it either! Haha!

I'm starting to see the effects of the weaning on my body. Firstly, my body has started to produce milk on demand, instead of at all times of the day. I pump only when it starts to hurt. Or else there isn't much point anymore because I won't get even 2 oz. I think give it a couple of months more and Salma will be fully weaned. She's even started to drink from a big bottle at school. Although she doesn't want to take the bottle at home. I think it's mostly peer pressure, since all the other big kids are still drinking from the bottle at school. So she wants to also. But it's easier to give her the nutrition she needs now, since she can take the bottle on weekdays when I'm not around. And since I produce less milk, she'll be forced to eat more solids on weekends. Last night, Salma ate a whole bowl of penne with mince meat and tomato prego.

Now I'm just waiting for her to start feeding herself, then I'm all set. Can finally enjoy my dinner... hehehe (or so I think...)

Photo of Salma being naughty with someone else's birthday cake:

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