Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Salma had her MMR vaccination last week, to immunize her against measles, mumps and rubella, and the doctor said that she would get a fever one week later. And sure enough, on the day of my husband's bowling tournament on Sat, she got a fever and was more quiet than usual. Which is good, considering that both my husband and me had to bowl. Then, in the middle of my second game, the most suprising thing happened! As if my body knows my child is sick, I started to produce breast milk! More breast milk than usual, and my breasts really began to hurt. It was my body saying, 'go feed your child silly, and make sure she recovers fast.' So I stopped playing, asked my husband to bowl for me, and I went to breastfeed her. And after 20 minutes of nursing, she fell asleep. The fever lasted for two days.

Since her fever, we were introduced to the phenomenae that is "Poppet's Moodiness". She can get really moody, like a big girl! Like the day before yesterday, for no reason at all, she got angry at me while I was reading to her, she grabbed the book, walked to the edge of the bed, threw the book to the floor and sat down. And just remained there, sitting quietly for some very long seconds, before I urged my husband to pujuk (console) her. Then she kicked and screamed and cried, and I really don't know what was the reason. I was having a sore throat and my reading did not sound as nice as usual, but could that really trigger her anger?

Another common mood of hers is to suddenly lose interest in her meal halfway before it's finished. She wants to feed herself, but sometimes the situation won't allow it (like when she's having something soupy). She will get angry. Then when I allow her to feed herself, she doesn't want to anymore, she will just throw the spoon onto the ground and walk away. Oh well, you'll just go hungry, I say. But she doesn't care. Eigh.

She hasn't even hit puberty yet, and I am beginning to lose patience with her antics. I would just let her be, but I know she wants me to pujuk her. She's so funny that way.

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