Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Langkawi Trip: sunscreen

Additional note that I forgot to add! I used Sunplay Water Kids SPF 30 sunscreen on Salma, but it did not provide good coverage. When choosing sunscreen for babies and toddlers it's important to choose one that is mild and gentle (in other words less chemicals) so I chose this one. But unfortunately, it did not do it's job very well. Yeah, I know you're supposed to keep on reapplying, but it's pretty hard to do that when your toddler is hard at play. So I thought I'd lather her up really good at the very beginning so she'd be okay, but nothing doing.

My own Banana Boat one was better. And I used the Guardian Face sunscreen on my face and it did it's job. My husband said that the whiteness of the sunscreen began to show up once I've touched the water and that I looked scary, but that was fine since that shows the sunscreen is doing it's job (much like zinc oxide sunscreens...).

So try other brands of kids sunscreen other than Sunplay!

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