Friday, January 15, 2010

Taking medicine

It is so effing frustrating when Salma doesn't want to take her medicine! With her, it's always a struggle. Take this morning for instance, she has to take 5ml of antibiotics because she has a terrible runny nose and watery eyes which could lead to other infections later. I tasted the yellow liquid and it tasted alright! Like lemon almost and it was sweet. I was given a syringe to help give her the stuff. She won't take it standing up, so I have to lay her down in my lap and hold down her arms with my left hand, and feed her the medication with my right arm. If she struggles a lot, then I'll have to use my leg to hold her down. At first she didn't struggle, so I thought I could give it all to her. But just after 1ml, she spat it out... all over her face. And she continued to spit each and every ml out. All over her clothes!

Aaaargh!!! It drives me crazy! How is she ever going to get well if she spits out all her medication?? Since she was all sticky and gooey, we had to give her a shower.

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