Thursday, March 25, 2010

Infant & child CPR

I've just completed a Basic First Aid & CPR Training last week conducted by the Malaysian Red Crescent Society. And I am so glad I attended, because now I know how to perform infant & child CPR, as well as treatment for choking, both for adults and children! I wasn't part of the original participant list, so I was so glad that they decided to include me in!

The procedure for treating infant choking has changed in the last few years, so I'm glad I learned the new safe way to treat choking. Salma has choked once, but my husband was able to dislodge the piece of plastic that she swallowed. And thank god for that. I felt so helpless at the time, because she really did turn blue. But now I know I will be able to handle that situation if it arises again (but hopefully it won't).

Conducting CPR on a dummy wasn't easy, I must say. We were all surprised at how lifelike the dummy was. I hope I will never be in a position where I have to administer CPR, but at least I know how to know. And the dummy had a name some more… which was funny. The chest would rise and fall with each breath you administered during CPR. And that's how it should be in real life. Had that weird feeling when I saw it happen.

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