Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bedtime rituals

Salma has officially entered her terrible twos at 20 months. Yes, she does everything early. I began to notice the change when our usual bedtime routine changed the last two times. Instead of the usual read a book and nightly feed, Salma now has the need to do anything and everything in that short period between after-dinner and bedtime. She will insist on playing her puzzles, insist on reading all her books, and then maybe do some coloring, and then maybe have some milk. She wants to show everyone that she is a big girl, and big girls can do whatever they want.

She used to fall asleep at 7.30pm or 8.00pm. Now she tries to stay awake as late as possible. And if I don't let her, she will scream, hit or bite. Welcome to the terrible twos!

Even though we don't teach her to scream, hit or bite, toddlers entering this stage will try these out just because they can. Salma has only tried to bite me once. When my reaction was to cry out in pain and do some pretend crying, she stopped doing it. She even patted my head and said, "Sorry mummy." But Salma loves to hit and also to scratch. Sometimes she doesn't even hit you, she just brushes you with her hand. And she loves to swipe my nose, because she knows it irritates me. Or poke my nose when she's mad. I don't know what made her poke my nose the very first time, but I hate it when she does it. But she loves it!

Now when she wakes up, she will complain before having to take a shower. She used to be very agreeable and sing songs while getting ready to shower. But now she will kick and scream and twist her body. She will tell me that she wants to continue sleeping or just "I don't want..." But once she's in the shower, she's happy.

Now her new personality is starting to show in school too, and one of the teachers seems as if she is unable to accept it, and will complain to me on a daily basis. I feel like telling her, "Hey, all 2 years old throw tantrums, it's a growing-up stage!" but I just say, "Oh ya?" and move on. The best part was when the same teacher complained to me that Salma hit her face when she was annoyed. I wanted to laugh, because Salma hits my face everyday! It doesn't hurt, but it's just her way of telling me to "Stop it! I don't like it." If only we she could talk properly, then she wouldn't have to hit your face!

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