Monday, June 28, 2010

Salma at the movies part 2

I posted some time ago about how we took Salma to watch Shrek 4 in the cinema for the first time and she was asleep for the entire move. Well, yesterday we brought her to see Toy Story 3 at the cinema, and I am happy to say that she watched at least 30 mins of the show before falling asleep. I give her points for good behaviour. She didn't cry, scream or shout. Good girl!

Now we can see the trend of parents bringing their kids to watch movies at Premier or Gold Class. We, ourselves, opted to bring Salma to the Signature Gardens Midvalley GSC. The entire cinema was filled with parents and their kids. I think there was only one couple there who came without children, but the wife was pregnant. It's so much more comfortable and convenient to bring your toddler to the movies at the Premier or Gold Class cinema. The seats are wider, there's a small table for you to put your bags & snacks, and they deliver your snacks to your seat. There's personal boundaries in Premier/Gold Class, too; two seats each separated by an aisle. So you are not sharing the row with other people, and young kids feel safer and more comfortable this way. They are more content to stay in their seats when they know this section is only for them and mummy and daddy. Oh and the toilets are cleaner, too.

Having enough space to stretch and roam around is important to toddlers in a cinema. They like to watch the movie while also doing something else. She climbed up and down the seat several times before finally settling in. She switched from my lap to her dad's lap a couple of times, before finally deciding to lie down between both of us. The cold temperature in the cinema made her sleepy though, and she asked me to nurse, and then finally falling asleep.

The movie was a little sad at the end. It's kind of sad that now there will be no more Toy Story in the original sense. I don't think Salma understood the storyline too much, but she could relate to all the pre-school/daycare scenes. And I think she understood that the main characters were all toys. And I am glad that she fell asleep, so that mummy and daddy can enjoy the movie. It isn't surprising that other kids in Premier Class cinema were well behaved, too. I think they enjoyed the comfy space more than anything else, and didn't have a need to complain to their parents. :)

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