Monday, March 28, 2011

Things that interest me at 33 weeks

Being pregnant can get boring after awhile, especially in the last 2 months. You get so big that your movement is impeded, and you are always feeling hot and tired, and the combination of all of these will make you grumpy. Like, "Enough already and come out!" I am going through that stage right now. So I am trying to distract myself by thinking up of different activities I can do to pass the time. Like perhaps doing my hair and make-up and taking pregnant photos. And ordering books to read online. 

So I ordered 3 books online the other day, but they haven't been delivered yet. I was hoping I could get them soon so I can start reading and not be so bothered by how hot I feel sitting around in the house, but looks like they will only be despatched at the end of the month. Which is about 4 days away. Four days is a long time to wait. I can probably finish a book in one or two days, so I was online window shopping again for some more titles to purchase. That's when I came across this wonderful website,, which centers around Modern Korean Literature in English Translation. I am into things Korean now, as I find their culture fascinating. In previous times during my life I have been interested in Chinese Literature of the China kind, and Russian Literature. So now it's Korean Literature. I dunno why, but it's hard for me to get into Malaysian Literature. I haven't really tried hard enough maybe.

But I came across this Modern Korean Literature website, and I love it! Not only does it do reviews, but they also just blog about interesting Korean stuff seen from the eyes of non-Koreans or maybe Koreans who went overseas and came back "home". Oh you know what I mean. I still think of myself as that type of Malaysian (one that went away for a long time and came back). Based on a few of their reviews, I started searching for the books they mentioned on, Kinokuniya's book web and acmamall. Sad to say that those 3 sites don't stock the newly published books, but ones that were published 2010 and prior can be found. And the prices vary between the sites, too! Acmamall is the cheapest, however may not have the book in stock, and Kinokuniya may have it in stock, but is the most expensive. Hmmm... decisions, decisions. 

Having 2 kids means that books are a luxury, and I can only buy books for myself when I have extra savings. And it also means having to buy bargain books or books that are on sale, and stuff like that. Because, you have to admit it, books are expensive in Malaysia, as compared to books in the UK, where you can purchase a decent novel for £5.95 or something like that. With the price of one of the Korean Short Story Anthologies that I am interested in buying, I can buy 2 packs of jumbo Mamy Poko diapers. And Mamy Poko is the most expensive diaper brands out there! That is the opportunity cost for "Land of Exile". When you become a parent, you start thinking this way. 

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