Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby coming soon!

Wow... I haven't updated this blog in awhile. Been busy with moving house and settling down. I am now going through the "nesting" phase of my second pregnancy. I'm browsing a lot of online baby shops and looking at a lot of baby stuff whenever I go out. But I am relieved that all my major purchases for the new baby were completed today:

1) MAM Anti-colic bpa-free bottles
2) Nipple shields (for first week when baby has trouble latching on)
3) Breastmilk storage bottles  (Items 1 -3 bought from www.fabulousmom.com with great discounts)
4) Maxi cosi baby carseat - at 50% off (big sister's old one cannot be used anymore. Bought at Mamours at Empire Shopping Gallery)
5) Quinny Zapp 2011 in Rebel Red - at almost 40% off (with shopping cart, rain cover, sun canopy and adapters! www.mybabyshop.com.my)

I can't believe I am getting the Quinny Zapp 2011 model instead of the 2010. Most shops are selling the 2010 model at Sale price, but I found one that was selling the 2011 model. No difference though I think. We are buying the Quinny & maxi cosi travel system this time because we had experience with really bulky baby strollers with our first child, and they took up too much space in the car and boot. So this time we are investing in a compact system so that we can transport the baby stroller in the boot along with big sister's existing Maclaren Volo, which is very compact. Plus the Quinny stroller is really light compared to other baby strollers (do not compare with toddler buggies, because these are much lighter, but cannot be used for newborns and infants).

I can't think of any other stuff that I really need for the baby, except for diapers and baby formula. Maybe a few pairs of long pants as I can't seem to find the big sister's old pants. But I am completely set for this new baby to arrive. So happy that I stored all of big sister's old clothes in clean storage compartments. Just have to put them in the laundry and we are good to go!

Everything else now are just loose ends that need tying up! :D

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