Monday, January 12, 2009


When Baby Salma drools a lot, we call her "Drooler". Sometimes the drool is not so much, and I just dab it with a face towel now and again, but other times it gets way too much and I have to put a bib on her so she doesn't get drool all over her clothes! I tell myself I have got to buy more bibs cos I find it such a hassle to keep washing 2-3 bibs each week. Then waiting for them to dry in this rainy weather is another thing...

However, I want to find those bibs that are smooth on the front but have terry cloth texture on the back. You know the ones I'm talking about? I don't want the entire thing to have a terry cloth texture, cos my baby seems to hate her face being wiped with that. There are some bibs which are just jersey t-shirt material and are lousy. Got them as a present from someone. Not absorbent at all. Is there also such a thing as a bib that compliments my baby's outfit? As a mom, am I asking too much with that last part right there?

Sometimes the bib is so big that it covers half of her outfit, which I don't like. Cos she might be wearing a nice dress, and I have to put a bib on her so she doesn't mess it up, but then the bib covers almost half of her front part. I have about 3 bibs that are just the right size (not too big) that it allows for the top part of her dress to be seen. I am looking for more of these type of bibs. So where can I find these cute bibs??

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