Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sleep problems?

Hmm... instead of Baby Salma having sleep problems, I am! Not sure why exactly. But I had a sinus headache the whole of today and went to visit the doctor. She gave me a muscle relaxant that's supposed to be drowsy, but I am wide awake now at 2 am!

I'm really worried about whether or not Salma has inherited our sinus problems. My husband has it and so do I. Salma occassionally has a blocked or runny nose, but I don't know yet if this is due to sinus problems (like on a chilly morning) or because she has a cold. I really don't want her to have bad sinus probs like my husband. He's allergic to dust and will sneeze at the slightest. I'm not that bad. Salma's just 3 months old and it's not like I can make her blow her nose when she's got it bad. She hates it when I try to clean her nose with a tissue.

I just hate it when she has a runny nose. I read an article that it's better for parents not to give their child cold medicines when they are younger than 2 years old, and to just hug them and make them feel loved. It doesn't make it go away faster though! I wish there was such a thing as infant anti-histamines!

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