Thursday, March 12, 2009

First meal

My baby girl had her first meal last weekend. Which wasn't actually her first meal, because I know she's had small bites secretly while not with me, but she had her first actual full meal with me last weekend. It was one tablespoon of rice cereal mixed with formula, and me and my husband were so amused at how "pro" she was at eating! It's as if she's been eating from a spoon all her life. She's 5 month's plus. She finished the entire serving and actually loves it.

So now I'm all chuffed and getting all pumped about letting her taste her first banana. Now I'm also excited about looking for a hand-held food processor or food puree-er (i know that's not a word). I want to puree for her green peas, which is my own favorite comfort food. I love eating green peas cooked with butter and onions. But for her just the peas I think. I am really excited about her eating. She always so wants to eat when we eat... and now she can.

So now, the list of things to buy for baby just gets bigger... high chair, food processor, those plastic bibs with the "bowl" at the end...

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