Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can see the trend now

Now I can see that every time baby Salma gets a new vaccination, she will get sick with fever (and whatever else) one day later. On the day of the vaccination itself, she will be fine. But come the next morning, she'll be all achey. So here I am again, at home taking care of my little one. The last injection was for infections. So she's caught herself an infection... chesty cough with phlegm. Poor thing doesn't know how to spit it out.

Yesterday, the neo-natal nurse at her school advised me to give her one teaspoon of orange juice every so often for her regular dose of vitamin C, to fight off colds. And I was like... oh yeah, why didn't I think of that?? Salma now and again gets a runny nose (which she inherited from one of her parents, but I won't mention who.. haha..). So yesterday, me and my husband, we were all excited to give her her first taste of orange juice. He tried to find the juice without any pulp, and was unsuccessful. We usually drink Tropicana, but it's got pulp, so he bought Peel Fresh instead, which has considerably less pulp. Then we gave her a little with a spoon and a syringe. She didn't really like it. In fact, she spat it out! Haha. But then this morning, I bought an orange Capri Sun for myself, and since it did not have any pulp, I let her taste some, and she likes it! She had a big smile on her face and asked for more. So I gave her a little bit more. And that was it. I didn't want her to get a stomach ache.

My husband and I drink Ribena at home, and each time I pour myself a glass, she will be reaching her hand out to "help" me hold my glass. She'll leave her hand on the glass while I'm drinking, and she'll let go once I'm done. Maybe this time I'll let her taste it just a little bit. She's curious about foods now, but we were advised by doc to wait til the 6 months mark. I am excited to start feeding her solid food, because each time we have lunch or dinner, she's always making a sad face about being left out. She'll ask us to eat closer to her (like if we're at the dining table and she's lying on her duvet on the floor 10 feet away, she'll call us to sit next to her). And I always oblige. I'll bring my plate to the coffee table and eat there and she'll watch my food. One day we were having those humongous burgers they serve at Carl's Jr, and she was sitting on my lap watching me eat the whole time, and holding the wax paper wrapper of the burger. Poor thing. She wants some.

I just don't want my baby to grow obese you know, after she starts eating. I see a lot of fat infants walking around in the shopping malls. One of my colleagues has a niece that's 3 years old, but she's as big (and fat) as a 5 year old, and that's scary. Her peers will make fun of her when she starts school, you know how mean kids are, and that's not what I want for my child. I want her to be able to fit in, and be sporty, and just be well-liked instead of ostracized. When I was in school, the fat kids were always left out. And that's sad. It makes them depressed and want to eat more instead of finding ways to improve their self-esteem. Well, I'm fat now I think. But trying my very best not to become overweight. Hope we're able to teach our child good eating habits.

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