Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What happens when your body aches

This lousy weather is doing nothing for me and baby's health. One moment it's really hot and then suddenly cold and rainy. If my body is aching all over, I wonder if baby's is too. She has been having on and off runny nose. It will clear up in a day, then she will be okay for one day, and then it will come back on the next day. I am pretty sure it has to do with the weather. And the fact that there is air-con at her school but no air-con at home.

The weird weather is also causing temperature fluctuations in the bedroom. If the day was really hot, the bedroom would be stifling. But if the day was generally okay, the temperature would be cool. If it is rainy, the room is freezing! We have 3 types of blankets to suit the 3 types of temperatures. And then does it still apply that you put on an extra layer on baby if you yourself are feeling cold? I would wrap her up in a blanket, but then she wakes up with her clothes drenched in sweat, and I wonder if it would be okay if I remove the blanket for the next time? Can't tell if she is hot or cold when she's asleep!

But my body is aching badly, and I feel like I am coming down with some sort of fever or stomach bug. Eyes blurry, constant "cold" headaches. Hate what the weather is doing to me. I hate most being sick and spreading my germs to my baby. But I can't avoid it because she breastfeeds. In the end the close contact with me will cause her to get sick. How do I avoid these things? She won't take the bottle from me. It's such a pain.

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  1. It's common for the kids to have cold on and off especially when you send her to the nursery. She get that from other kids (so stop blaming yourself..hehe).
    Lucky u bf the least the recovery process is faster!. Don't worry...might be tough for Salma's body during the first year...
    insyaallah it will get better. The body is not used to handle the new germs.

    Better not to bungkus her.Nanti overheating pulak. And she sleep in bed next to you kan so i guess she is already warm. =)