Friday, February 13, 2009

Milk production boosters

Taking advice from comment left by ms. w on blog entry "Supermom" on Feb 11, 09, I'm going to find out what are the milk boosters out there. So far, ppl tell me that:
1. soy milk
2. green beans/french beans (kacang buncis/kacang panjang)
are pretty good milk boosters.
And also in my own personal experience,
3. tuna
is a milk booster. There were occassions where all I ate that day were tuna fish sandwiches, made with the ayam brand tuna with mildly hot mayonaise, I produced so much milk that I could pump 6 oz in just 20 mins!

If any of you out there have tried and true milk boosters, please leave your comments, and later on i'll collect all suggestions and post them in the blog.

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