Wednesday, February 11, 2009


All mothers will go through this stage, but I am worried that it's coming too soon for me. I find that it's harder for me to pump/express my breastmilk (bm) as compared to before, and I'm wondering whether I am drying up! It saddens me a bit if I am drying up because my baby's only 4 months old. My plan was to breastfeed her (and save on formula milk costs) for at least 1 year. Over the weekend, I only managed to pump 4 ounces when usually I can pump around 10-12 ounces a day. And I used to be able to do it even though I was nursing her, and not just on days where I work and am unable to nurse her.

I am wondering whether morning after pills have anything to do with my decreasing bm production. The Obgyn that delivered me told me that all birth control pills but one brand will affect bm production. And I forgot what that one brand was! It's so cumbersome to go back and see this same doc because she's situated all the way in Putrajaya Hospital (where I delivered). My regular Obgyn is located nearby but then I haven't made the time to take leave and see her, since she doesn't operate on weekends. I went to a regular clinic to get some advice, and the doctor said best to stay clear of all birth control pills if I want to continue to breastfeed, and just stick to morning after pills, which is what I've been doing. But I wonder if those too will affect my bm production. Yes, they say that breastfeeding is the best contraceptive... but only if you manage to breastfeed for 8 hours a day. I was told this by someone. And I'm thinking, do I breastfeed for 8 hours a day? I don't think so. I think the longest she's nursed in one stretch was 30 mins. I'd have to nurse her 16 times to get 8 hours a day! And since I'm working, I don't get to do that. I only use the lactation room at my office at the most for a total of one hour. And that's if I'm lucky. Usually it's about 15-20 mins, if I get to go once. If I get to go twice, then it's double that.

We've got one lactation room in the entire office, and currently there are 4 mothers using it. Later on, there'll be more. So many of us are having babies this year and last year! Later on I'm worried that we'd all be scrambling to use the room and may not get the chance since there is a long queue. Haha.

If you don't have a lactation room in your office, then you've got to lobby for one. I can't imagine how it would be like pumping in the stall of your office toilet as I'm told some mothers have to do. That would be horrible. So uncomfortable.

I use a Medela pump, which is the best, I think. It's worth buying even though it's expensive. It's expensive in the states, and it's expensive here. So don't worry about it. Just buy it. Haven't tried Spectra, but I'm not complaining with my Medela. Have tried other pump by Tollijoy, but Medela tops it by far. Comfortable and easy to carry. Has different sizes to fit all. I bought mine at a bargain too. It was just under RM400 when I bought it, but I checked back at the store just last Sunday and saw that the price has increased to RM449. Mine is the Mini Electric. Everyone is talking about the Swing. Which is handsfree. Can't believe there's such a thing! With straps to attach it to your bra. It costs about RM799, if I'm not mistaken. But I'm happy with my mini electric. has been doing great even though I use it on a daily basis.


  1. i really believe that it's all psychological. i may not have a say on this as i breastfed my children only for a little while since i have really flat nipples. i breastfed my son only for 2 weeks. i had to stop because my nipples were severely cracked. it hurt really bad that i dreaded breastfeeding. my bra was always stained with blood and my milk dripped the whole day! maybe you can try other contraceptive. using condoms is not that bad =) wish you all the best.
    ps: also try finding out traditional ways to increase your milk. they do help.

  2. ms. w, so sorry to hear your breastfeeding experience was such hell. but i'll take your advice on the ways to increase my milk! thanks!