Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Manja is as Manja does

I had my birthday last Saturday, and I had the best time spending it with my husband and Salma. With an overdue facial session (alone time for mommy) and a surprise birthday cake and dinner at a Mexican restaurant. My husband's birthday present for me was meant to be the Jamiroquai concert at the F1 After Party on Sunday (cos I am a big Jay K fan). And we had it all planned... drop the baby off at my parents, have lunch with them and then go off to enjoy the F1. We reached Sepang around 2 pm or so. Walked around the mall area... but then at each hour my parents would send us an sms saying that Salma has not stopped crying, and what should they do? So we suggested: feed her a farley rusk, give her a drink, take her for a car ride, play the lullabye cd, give her a bath... and they reported back that none of it worked! She kept crying and crying and crying for me. And right when the race started, my dad sent the most pathetic sms ever, saying that it was now the 4th hour that she has not stopped crying and can we please come home?
My heart just dropped. I felt so bad and so sad. So torn. Between wanting to spend some well-earned alone time with my husband for my birthday, and wanting to go back and comfort my baby. Then my husband says that we have to resign to the fact that we're parents now, and this is what we should expect from now on. Then I was thinking, but why must she behave so unreasonably after having had fun times with her grandparents babysitting her in the past? Why must it be today that she starts acting up?!
With a heavy heart, I told my husband that we had better head back. I got mad at myself for not sitting her down and explaining to her that me and daddy will be gone for some time and not to get scared. But I forgot that part. I just said to her, "bye-bye!". Heh. My freedom is now officially over I guess.
Felt so bad for my husband because he was so looking forward to the day. And so was I! It's been a long time since I've been to a concert. Eesh.
You might say that she is too manja (spoiled). But we don't spoil her as in "spoil" her spoil her. You know. I mean, I cuddle her a lot and she sleeps with me... maybe we do manja her. Oh I don't know! Is it wrong to cuddle her all the time? We love cuddling! We love just lying around and cuddling and then touching each other's faces. That's one of my favorite activities... But that's the thing... Manja is as Manja does.


  1. dont worry. it's just one of those days. who doesnt like to manja her baby anyway? n believe me baby girls are definitely manja. my boy "pretends' to be tough n macho but whenever he cries he'll come running for ibu... or ayah =)

  2. NO...its not wrong to cuddle your baby, toddlers, kids all the time :)

    i love cuddling time and my youngest child is 9!..she loves cuddling too and it gives her such great confidence coz no matter what, she knows mummy loves her to bits.

    and....i have a son who has borderline mix syndrome of autism, aspergers and ADHD. we didnt know about his condition then but we know he is a tad different. as a toddler, he was very defensive, violent and tend to hurt other children who wants to play with him. he tot they were invading his territory thus the defensive and violent nature.
    and believe me, all those cuddles, hugs and affection that helped him to be a very loving child now. He became righteous, very patient and very loving. he is 13 now :)

    so, dont stop cuddling your baby. that will not make her spoilt. it will give her sense of security and confidence.