Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Two weekends ago Salma was hospitalized for high fever. We were about to leave the house to embark on a 3 hour trip to attend my friend's wedding when she started shivering in an alarming way, so I told my husband, "We're not going." It was a public holiday, and we went to the emergency room of SJMC (now SDMC) to get a diagnosis. Curiously enough, most of the patients in the emergency room that day were children! Her fever registered at 38.4, so she was admitted and put on a drip. They did a chest x-ray, did blood test and a urine test. She had an infection. So I ended up staying in the hospital with her for 2 nights.

I have not had a good night's sleep since that day until now! I had this one week long intense training straight after her hospitalisation. And since the hospitalization she has been very clingy at night when she sleeps, and does not allow me to move around. It's been very tiring to say the least.

She has a follow-up appointment tomorrow. Just hope that all tests show that she has recovered. She's been on anti-biotics ever since. And they've also put her on Pro-biotics to replenish the good bacteria in her system. Just hope that she's doing okay. Now with the heat, I really hope she's getting enough liquids in school. Wrote her teachers a letter outlining how they should change her diaper regularly and keep giving her milk, juice or water. Just hope this is enough. I don't know how to stop worrying.

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