Friday, February 19, 2010


I went to the spa on the Tuesday public holiday during Chinese New Year week. My masseuse was from China, and even though she did not speak English very well, she was able to tell me (using gestures and pointing) that she thought I had very beautiful eyelashes. I was going to say to her, "If you think mine are beautiful, you should see my baby girl's!" But I didn't tell her because she wouldn't have understood anyway.

The one totally obvious thing that Salma inherited from me are the eyelashes. They are long and beautiful and curvy. I have tried taking close-up photos of them, but was just not able to get the exposure right, so the photo turns out nasty, and you can't see the eyelashes at all. I just don't have the right type of camera. Her eyes may be sepet like her father's, but the eyelashes are mine. They are just gorgeous, much longer than mine.

I don't like using mascara because of it's so tedious to remove even with eye make-up remover. During weekdays, I'd have to remove my make-up for Solat Zohor, and reapply my make-up afterwards, so it's a tedious process to remove mascara with make-up remover. The black stuff ends up getting onto the bottom part of my eyes, and it will make it look like I have really bad eye bags. So people won't really notice how long my lashes are unless they are close up (like when I am getting a facial or massage). However, Salma's are damn obvious. She could be standing 3 feet away from you and you can see her long eyelashes.

I look forward to teaching my girl how to put on make-up when she's older. And maybe by then, they'll create a mascara formula that won't be messy to remove.

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