Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Non-Diaper Bag (Designer Diaper Bags Part 2)

I am becoming a newborn mom again, which means taking a second look at the Diaper Bag. I stopped using a diaper bag more than a year ago, when my daughter stopped drinking milk from the bottle. When going out, I'd just stuff one spare diaper and wet wipes into my handbag. But now that I'll be a mom to a new baby soon (in about 4-5 months time), I think it's time for me to shop around for a new fashionable diaper bag.

Off again I go to visit Gin & Jacqie's online shop. (Check out my first post on Gin & Jacqie two years ago here:

Some pics of diaper bags available for sale at Gin & Jacqie:
To view the inside of the bag, please visit Gin & Jacqie's online shop (

Colorful Suzanna
Birdie Casual

Stevie Baby Bag (for dads)
Nathalie Baby Bag Set

After some browsing, I feel that I have gone off the allure of the floral print bag, so I don't think I'm going to go for an all-out diaper bag. I love the big handbag that I have now (I'm into chunky bags). Now the thing that's great about Gin & Jacqie is that they provide a solution for moms like me who love their designer hand bags (non-diaper bag)... because Gin & Jackie makes handbag "organizers". 

Organizers (like the one pictured above) are pocketed bags that you place inside your existing handbag to provide extra pockets and compartments for stuff that you need segregated and organized (such as diapers, feeding bottles, formula, keys, etc).  The one I like is "Organize Jo". For a fraction of the cost of a full-on diaper bag, you can create a diaper bag with the existing designer (or non-designer) bag that you currently use. And if you are one of those women who use a number of different bags to go with different outfits, then this is a good solution for you, too. Because you won't have to reorganize your bag each time you go out, you'll just pull out the Organizer Bag from one handbag and just pop it into the other handbag. :)  Isn't that nifty?

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  1. Sometimes i think my bag has a big wormhole inside of it because i keep losing things inside it then I will be surprised once it popped in it again.