Friday, December 9, 2011

Missed the concert again

So Lee Seung Gi is having his concert tomorrow, and I am so envious of Yoke Leng and the rest of the Airens that are going! Initially, when I was pregnant with Sophie, I had planned to go to his concert at the end of this year, and I had actually saved $100 per month just for the trip. But then when the baby was born and we got divorced, I had to use that money I saved to pay for the rental deposit and other stuff, so by the time November came and ticket sales were open, I didn't have money to go. Plus I'd have to pay for flight tickets for me and two kids, which would not be cheap if I were to fly with MAS. I don't think I could fly Air Asia with two kids.

And such a shame too, because Clover is guesting on Seunggi's concert tomorrow! Aargh. If I had gone, it would've been a double whammy (get to see both my favorite ilbak boys). You owe me big time, man.

So, if my income allows it, I'll save up for next year. But not knowing if there will be a next year concert for LSG, cos he may be going off to military service soon. Oh woe is me. Plus 1n2d is ending next Feb. God knows if the boys will be doing stuff together after that or not. I hope they will though.

Was also planning a reunion with my Korean ex-schoolmates who live in Seoul. Argh, so regretting it now! I wish I had saved up more.

But I hope they (our eternal bloggers) take good pictures and post them up and have nice write-ups. It would have been nice to show the girls snow for the first time in their lives, cos it's snowing now in Seoul. Wouldn't that have been a great memory? Ohhh ... missed opportunities. I hope better ones come my way.


  1. ul be able to watch sure! nice blog sissy!

  2. Gosh, I hope so sis... At least go for a Clover one, eh? ;)