Monday, December 26, 2011

My own two cents: KBS Entertainment Awards 2011

One day has passed and now all sorts of news articles are coming out about how enraged people are that the entire cast of "1n2d" won the Daesang at the KBS Entertainment Awards 2011 without being nomintated, save for one cast member, Lee Seung Gi. But did KBS do the right thing? By awarding all the members when only Seunggi was nominated? Shouldn't they have just let the boys win Best Team instead of "Hello"? Yeah, I must admit, it was a big shock to all, including the members themselves, and also to the viewers. But I think this is the industry's way of honoring the guys for 5 years of hard work before the show ends in Feb 2012. And why not? 1n2d taught us a lot about what brotherhood, camaraderie and friendship is all about. Not to mention, travel, laughter, bolbubok... being a cultural icon....

When the show got passed over at the Best Team category, a whole bunch of us were really really pissed. We were thinking that KBS had gone nuts this year for not acknowledging the awesome teamwork the guys displayed after KHD's exit. When Sugeun won Best Excellence Male MC, I thought, "Okay, he deserves it for doing 4 shows." All of us thought that was the end. Only Seunggi was nominated for Daesang and I didn't think he would win, and even if he did, Seunggi would definitely stand on the stage and ask someone else to come up and take the award from him. I really thought he would do that. Like he'd say, "Kang Hodong, this is for you." Then when they were announcing the Daesang without first recapping who the nominees were, it already felt fishy. Then we were totally floored!! The whole cast won. Seunggi said he was able to accept the award since all the members won it. As Jongmin said, they suffered a lot (and deserved it). This is the way to end the show. You can't get any better than Daesang. And now they can all feel good about going their separate ways next year. They won't be asking each other "what if..."

So KBS did a good thing.

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