Monday, December 12, 2011

Sultan Selangor's birthday

The kids' school is closed today due to it being the Sultan of Selangor's birthday. It's only public holiday in Selangor, and not KL, so I had to apply for leave today (since I work in KL and not Selangor) to take care of the kids at home.

The kids did not wake up late as I had expected [T_T] ... I wanted some downtime for myself to finish my ironing, but I managed to do that anyway while they were watching tv. After that I spent some time watching videos on YouTube of Beast's dance routines (the penguin shuffle) and fancams of Seunggi's concert that took place from the past 2 nights. There was a very kind soul that recorded the entire length of Seunggi performing "Time for Love", and I thought it was brilliant how he engaged the audience during Han Hyo Joo's talking part. He's such a seasoned entertainer, I thought. Wished I was there, dammit! Still mad at not being able to go (even though it's over).

I think my eldest, Salma, has an innate passion (and maybe talent) for music, because while I am watching Seunggi's concert fancams, she is singing and playing her keyboard piano in her room. A few days ago, I was in the kitchen, and she was in her room, and she was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star into her microphone (it came with the electronic keyboard), and when she was done she said, in that concert performer tone, "Thank you! Thank you!" Hahahahahahaa... I was laughing to myself. I'm wondering where she learned that, because the only live concert shows she's watched with me are Music Bank and Inkigayo, and the artists don't get to say "Thank you" at the end cos they roll the next song straight away... so I'm totally baffled on that one... but at the same time, totally pleased at how smart she was.

Salma's current favorite song is "The Boys" by Girls Generation. She'll ask me to put on their music video before going to bed. I'm wondering whether The Boys is SNSD's best song on their latest album? For some reason, I can't get into the other songs that much...

Salma's gotten older and smarter now that she asks me what each SNSD girl's name is when they come on. I haven't memorized all their names yet, so like sometimes I can't tell her. And she will tell me, "I like that girl, the girls generation one..." "Which girl?"  "That one..." "???" There are so many of them, poppet!

It's spaghetti for lunch today... spaghetti and reruns of Music Bank. :)

*Update*: Even Salma asked why we didn't go to Seunggi's concert... Maybe next year, ok?

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