Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feeling cold

Is it just my imagination or are the days getting colder? It's strange though, I feel chilly at night, but my baby, who sleeps beside me, does not! I wonder if it's because she's trapped between both me and my husband so she is kept warm all night. But sometimes I change her position (to suit feeding), and even then, she will wake up feeling warm. I wonder why that is...
I used to wrap her up in her own small blanket, and then on top of that, I cover her with my blanket, since I read that babies need more warmth than adults. But then she would kick her blanket away, or try to push my blanket away, so then i stopped covering her with our big blanket. Is she more hot blooded than me? Hmmm...
This morning she woke up feeling more bothered than usual, and refused to take milk. And then she wanted to be carried by my husband only. She is becoming more aware now... we can start to see the way she thinks. It's cute to see her personality pop up. But she loves waking up in the morning. She wakes up with a smile. Then she loves waiting for my husband to wake up (cos he wakes up last), and then when he finally wakes up, she starts to "chat", as if to say, "Hi Daddy... so you're finally awake!!" It's the nicest thing to wake up to. :)

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