Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 baby boom?

Everywhere I go now I notice that there are more and more couples walking around with babies in strollers! It seems like there are more couples with babies this year than last year. Even when we went to Bukit Tinggi there were so many couples with babies and strollers. I am guessing that 2008 was a baby boom year, much like how 1980 & 1981 were baby boom years. At the resort in bukit tinggi, there must have been 8 babies in every 10 couples that we saw. I sound like I'm exaggerating, but I'm not.

And the reason why I remember these statistics is because I was so busy comparing my stroller and the other couples' strollers... hahaha. We want to get Salma a better stroller but disagree on which design to get. I prefer to get a lighter stroller that won't take up so much space once folded, so that we can store more groceries and luggage in the boot when we go out with the baby. But my husband wants the fancy jogger stroller with the 3 wheels. The problem with that stroller is the large front wheel, that doesn't allow for much space once it's folded. Plus it's a good 2-3kg heavier than our current stroller, which is at 7.5kg, which is already quite heavy if you ask me. A heavy stroller will cause problems for me when I am out shopping alone with the baby.

But now I do see that we would benefit from a stroller that we can hang bags from the handles. That would be very handy because the basket is never big enough. Now the question is, which stroller design should I get?

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