Monday, December 15, 2008

Full day

Whew! Finally had time to customize this blog. How do you like it? I think the blue and red are classic "seaside town colors", which wasn't my original intention. I had wanted to make this site in different shades of red, but it didn't work out.

Anyway... my baby girl is finally asleep. It has been a long day! She has been sneezing a lot, but each time I wipe her nose she gets really cranky and starts to cry. So her nose must hurt a lot. And the kleenex isn't really soft, so poor thing. She doesn't like it any better when I use a face towel or the ultra soft toilet paper. So in the end, I just dabbed her nose gently. I hope her runny nose clears up tonight so that she can go to "school" tomorrow. We send her to a playschool while I am working. They don't allow kids to come in sick, so I had to stay home with her today, but can't afford to miss another day of work.

The doctor (I took her to our pediatrician this morning) gave me this saline nasal spray to clear up her nasal airway, but then it takes 2 people to execute the dosage (one to hold her, one to dispense into her nose) so I haven't been able to use it all day. Waiting for my husband to come home so that we can do it together.

Had mixed feelings about today... I felt bad that she was unwell, but at the same time it was nice to have her want to hold and hug me. Usually when we sleep, I will hug her, but she will "ask" to let go, but today she was happy just to have me hug her and hold my finger while she slept. When I let go, she'd wake up. So that was the downside. I couldn't even go to the bathroom or have a drink or eat lunch without her waking up in a few minutes. I'm surprised she hasn't woken up now... but I left the TV on in the bedroom, and already gave her her bath, which is the start of her bedtime routine.

What I learnt: start your baby on a bedtime routine and stick to it, and they'll know it's time to sleep. We start ours by giving our baby a bath or a shower, change her into her nightime clothes, give her a feeding and then she'll sleep. It didn't use to be like this in the beginning, but now we've succeeded. :)

Now I'm just hoping her nose will clear up...

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