Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Messy Rooms

The one thing I absolutely dread and try to avoid looking at (by closing the door) is a messy room. I am a terrible mom when it comes to cleaning up my daughter's room. And I feel so guilty for ignoring the messy room. To the point that it remains messy for over a week! My husband and I agreed early on, that when we decided to make space for Salma to have her own room (toy room for now as opposed to bedroom -- she still sleeps with us), Salma would have to clean it up herself. And yes, I have managed twice to get her to clean up the room with me before. But for some reason, the last time she played in that room, it just never got cleaned up. And it has stayed that way ever since! And now, instead of me going in there with her to clean it up, we just avoid going into that room.

That is a horrible, horrible thing for me to do. And I feel awful about it. I feel like a criminal.

And the only reason why this topic suddenly resurfaced, after being successfully undisclosed for weeks is because the air-con in the master bedroom broke down last night! Yes, we had no air-con last night, and Subang is very hot. The only other functioning air-con in the house was in you guessed it, Salma's room. But the room was so messy, and I just didn't have the energy to clean it up, so we couldn't possibly have slept in there comfortably. Plus with dad working late, it was all up to me. So, being too tired to face that kind of mess, I just opted to bring in one of the standing fans, and along with the ceiling fan, had both of them blowing directly at the bed. And Salma did manage to fall asleep in the end (minus pajama pants laa..).

So now, the first thing I am going to do when I have some time is clean up that messy room. And I am going to get some storage boxes (I know I have them somewhere), and store those toys in bins. And her books are going to sit on shelves. They only cost like MYR 26 at Carrefour. And then it will be neat! And then I will make sure next time, she cleans up the room after playing. Whew!

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