Monday, May 10, 2010

Play tent

I redeemed with my credit card points a play tent or play house made by the brand K's Kids. It's called "Pop Up Imagic Tent".

It is foldable and portable and comes with a handy carrying case. The tent folds out into quite a large house! I was surprised, and very happy with it. It has drawings of a "tuck shop" on the inside and outside to assist imaginary games, and also another section that allows the kids to have a ball throwing contest (kinda like basketball). The tent comes with 20 soft plastic balls.

At first I thought I would limit her playing in the tent to only her playroom or the living room. But then I brought it into the bedroom last night to distract her while I did my evening prayers. And to distract her while I take a shower. Cos or else she will want to wait in the bathroom while I shower!

Salma loved peeping out the windows of the tent, and playing the ball throwing game. And she brought her snack into the tent to have inside. Of course, when I was done with my chores, I went into the tent and played, too! It is very big though, and takes up a lot of space, so I can't leave it in my bedroom forever. When she fell asleep, I quickly removed it to the other room, so that she won't insist on playing in it the next morning instead of taking a shower before school. I find that it is hardest to get her to take a shower before going to school. She will squirm and protest and goleng2 on the bed. But during weekends, not so much protest. Why is that?

Anyway, tonight I have planned a play activity in the tent. Maybe bring in her small pillow and her stuffed toys, so that we can pretend we live there. I want to start encouraging Salma to play imaginary games by herself. Because most of the time, she will want to play with Mummy. And mummy is either busy, too tired, or just can't keep up with her pace. So far, she has not started playing imaginary games (like how I used to imagine the bed was a boat floating at sea when I was a kid). I guess she hasn't reached that stage yet. But I hope that with this play tent, she'll be able to start. Imaginary games are fun, and encourage creativity. Plus it keeps the kid occupied in a nontoxic way. (As opposed to playing video games or watching TV). While playing in her tent, she didn't even mind when I stepped out of the room. Usually she will make noise and want to follow me. So I'm really pleased that I got this tent for her.

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