Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I really like this neighborhood!

photo taken from thestar.com.my

I must say, I really like living in Subang Jaya. No, the photo isn't taken from my street, but frome one very much like it. I tried taking some sunrise photos of Subang, but they didn't turn out right. But I'll keep trying and post them here when I get some really good ones.

As I was saying, I really like living in Subang. Now, I have moved around a lot, all of my life. And usually, it takes about 6 months - 1 year to really, really love a place. To really feel comfortable there and feel like you belong. And for those who have moved around a lot, you'll know what I mean. Some places you feel like you're just living there temporarily. But some places you really have an affinity for. And I don't know what it is, but I started liking my new house and neighborhood right away! I really love waking up everyday to the sounds of the neighborhood. It's really soothing, in a way. Even though I live in front of a main road, it still feels like a fresh morning. The neighbor at the back has a rooster, and it crows in the mornings, too. Which is odd for a town, but it's cool.

I don't even mind the heat. It's really hot in Subang. But when you see everyone so energized, and so at ease, it doesn't really matter. It was different in Puchong. Puchong was really convenient, but I didn't really like living there. At first I thought I had found a nice neighborhood, but no. About 6 months before I moved to Subang, the neighbors from hell moved in next door to me. They had like 10 kids or something, that was always causing a ruckus. And they were rude as hell! They would throw their candy wrappers into my yard and deny ever doing it. They would hang their laundry over my fence and my gate. (Yes, my gate!) They parked their car slightly in front of my gate, so it was hard for me to get my car inside. They were always screaming and shouting, even when they were inside the house having a meal. And the worse part is, the second day after I had moved most of my stuff out of the house into our new house, one of the kids spray painted their initials on our garage wall! They climbed over the fence and spray painted on the wall. The spray paints were stored in the garden cupboard; my husband used to spray his bike with them. It's not even their paint or their property! What on earth possessed them to do such vandalism? Their parents must be stupid as hell as to allow their kids to do something as idiotic as that. Without punishment. And when I asked the mother the next day (I came to collect more stuff) what had happened and who had done it, she denied being at home at the time and rushed back inside. I tell you, the number of idiots that live in this world. The least she could have done was to offer to repaint the wall. Or make her son do it, because I'm sure it was one of the boys. One of our other neighbors dropped by to pick up the computer table that we promised to give him, and he told us that he heard the spray painting, and could tell it was being done by the neighborhood kids, but didn't get a good look at who it was. He said it was during the day.

The neighbors from hell. Thank God I moved away from there! One day, they are going to find themselves living next to worse neighbors than they are, because what goes around comes around. And then they'll know what it feels like to have their stuff vandalised. Hehe.

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