Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 Things I Can Do To Make Life Easier/Better

Having been inspired by Gretchen Rubin's list of "Nine Things You Can Do Everyday - Even When You Can't Do Anything Else" from her The Happiness Project blog (click on link to go there), I also created a list of 10 Things I Can Do Everyday To Make Life Easier/Better -

1. Make my bed every morning before going out.

2. Wash plates immediately after a meal, so that dishes won't pile up in the sink.

3. Prepare Salma's basket for next day's school before going to bed.

4. Take my multivitamins and evening primrose oil tablets every morning.

5. Switch off the plug or socket of all electrical appliances not being used before going to bed (especially the tv, astro, dvd player and lamp in the living room).

6. Read a book to Salma at least once any time between coming home from school and going to bed.

7. Put lotion on my face in the morning.

8. Put lotion on my face after my shower in the evening.

9. Eat a fruit or vegetable.

10. Put our shoes away on the shoe rack upon reaching home.

11. Bonus: Iron 5 day outfits and 5 night outfits of Salma's on the weekend for her school basket so that I don't have to rush to iron clothes in the morning.

Sometimes I get lazy, and put off doing the simplest things everyday, and in the end, I am rushing to complete these tasks the next day, or worse, over the weekend when I should be resting. And it is so nice to get into a clean, made-up bed every evening (like Gretchen says).

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