Friday, April 9, 2010

You know it when...

You know that Salma is going to be a girly-girl when she grows up when at 18 months old, she puts on mummy's high heels and waddles around in them without falling! And you know that she's going to be a girly-girl when she tries on every single one of mummy's shoes and waddles around in them! And you know that she's going to be a girly-girl when not only does she try on every single one of mummy's shoes, but she also "asks" mummy in her very own way if she looks nice in the nicest pair of heels that mummy has! This last fact I find totally amazing because:

1.) Why did she choose my black strappy heels (the one that I like best) to show off to me?
2.) How did she know that my black strappy heels were extra special?
3.) Is my baby girl born with an intrinsic knowledge of knowing what is nice and what is not in terms of women's fashion?

The other most amazing thing about the whole thing was that she put on my black strappy heels in the living room (the shoes were near the sliding door which I use as the main door to the house) while I was cooking in the kitchen. So I did not see it happening. She waddled in them (and I can hear the clickety-clack of the heels on the marble floor) all the way from the living room to the kitchen, and stepped down from the raised floor of the living room into the kitchen (whose floor is positioned slightly lower, so there is like a step turun macam tu) without falling! While wearing my heels... I was about to tell her to "Stop!" you know, to prevent her from falling, but she just walked right in without even flinching. And then she stood by the doorway and said to me, "Mummy... shoes."

I was so amused and was not angry at all. Thank God daddy wasn't there, because my husband would not have let her walk all the way from the living room into the kitchen in mummy's heels. Because he recounted a time when he was small and he wore shoes that were too big for him and he fell and split his lip. Or something like that. Well, daddy, your little girl has more grace in her walk than that! She's quite good at it.

Then suddenly I heard from the tv outside that American Idol was starting, so I said, "Hurry, hurry, the show's starting!" And then, just like I would, she took off the heels and carried them in her hands while she ran out of the kitchen, chasing after me. So, what is the conclusion? She knows that it's not easy or good to run in your high heels, so you take them off if you have to run. Clever eh.

So you'll know when your own little girl is a girly-girl when she tries on your heels... hehe :)

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  1. bravo salma...i can't wait for my little girl to try my errr.....crocs. I dah lama tak pakai heels!!! Hihih.