Monday, April 26, 2010

Orange cake or orange muffins

The org I work for gives staff fresh fruit everyday, and today's fruit is orange. And for some reason, oranges are not very popular with the people here, and not many people take it. I suppose it's the type of orange that you have to cut rather than peel, and that's why people don't take them. But I will take the orange and bring it home and make orange cake or orange muffins! I am excited about this prospect of trying out a new recipe with my oven. I think I may even add some grated orange rind into my choc chip cookie recipe and see how that turns out.  :)

I am trying to think what other recipes have orange in them, so that I can try them out. But I can only think of orange cake and orange muffins. How about orange chocolate cake? Just with a hint of orange with the chocolate? Orange-tinged brownies? Hmm

I think tonight I will buy ingredients I need for brownies and then add in the orange rind, and then see how it turns out. Tonight itself I will bake...

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