Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's like a sauna in here!

Unbelievable. I guess this is a direct result of global warming because I never remembered Malaysia to be this hot, ever! My house was like a sauna last night! And I just moved in about 2 weeks ago, so still not used to having to sleep with the aircon. And anyway, the aircon in my room is broken, it doesn't blow cold air at all! My previous house was facing the hills, and it was very cold at night without needing to have an aircon. I just had a fan. Well 2 fans, one ceiling fan and another floor standing fan. But sometimes I didn't even have to use the standing fan, because it would be so cold. And the living room was even colder, which was nice. On really hot nights, we'd all sleep on the floor in the living room, in my previous house. But in my new house, eesh! I don't know what's the deal. It is hot hot hot! After tossing and turning for god knows how long, I think I decided to shift everyone into Salma's room for the night (the aircon unit in there works fine) and we slept on the floor.

But Salma was up for the longest time. From 1 am to 2.30 am or something like that. She was so excited to be in her room at night that she started playing with her toys! And as a result of her being up, I am so tired this morning. And my body aches from having to sleep on the floor. Even though the spongy stuff was soft and we put blankets on it, it was still not that comfortable. So have to get the aircon serviced in the master bedroom. And then I wonder how much the electricity bill will be with all this aircon use?

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